Khular replica


Ebonised & oak gall stained English oak.
Limited edition.
The wood darkened thanks to a chemical reaction triggered by iron mordant reacting to tannins in the wood.
The shape of these vessels was inspired by the single-use unglazed clay cups (called khulars, kulhads or bhars) used to serve malai milk (hot sweet curdled milk) in the streets of Kolkata.
I would recommend not using these cups for liquids to maintain their dark shade and only dust them with a dry cloth.
Suitable for dry food or for display.
Sealed with food safe natural beeswax and pure mineral oil salve.
Turned from storm felled English oak locally sourced in Cheshire.

Approx dimensions:
Diameter: 9cm
Height: 8cm

Listed price is for one vessel.

Please consult info page for details on product care, delivery and return.

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